Nome Set

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A new species of rave-worthy mattresses is emerging and it’s transforming how we sleep. Cool-Touch Hybrid mattresses. This innovative solution — a combination of diverse materials that work surprisingly well together— answers the call to an age old problem of how to get a . No longer must we choose between coil (inner spring), latex, memory foam or even gel – we can have it all in one sweet sleep system . And with these amazing new cover covers, we don’t have to worry about sleeping warm again!

  • Base layer. Traditionally made from foam, this layer stabilizes the mattress while adding additional padding and sturdiness.
  • Support layer. The supportive core of the mattress that does the heavy lifting. Individually-wrapped, pocketed coils and springs deliver the spinal support your body needs to allow you to relax into a deep, restful sleep. In some models, support is enhanced with a microcoil unit for a firmer seating edge and a smooth transition between the edge and surface support system.
  • Comfort layer. For optimal sleep, our bodies need to find and stay in a moderate temperature zone, which can be achieved with memory foam, latex or cooling gel. This layer also provides pressure point relief and helps reduce tossing and turning.
  • Pillow-top. Considered the cherry on top, this layer provides an additional layer of cushioning.
  • Cool Cover. Incorporating New Phase-Change Material Technology, these new cool covers help pull away heat from your body, giving you an immediate cooling sensation that will help you fall asleep faster & stay cool through the night.
  • While all of these materials on their own can deliver a great night’s sleep, combining them improves their effectiveness and actually extends the life of your mattress. Some mattress experts feel that hybrid mattresses reduce the chance of body impressions because the construction materials support each other in ways we’ve never seen before.

Includes Mattress and Foundation

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