Delilah Set

  • $1,299.95

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1. 2” Gel Infused Super Soft Quilt Foam Provides Breathability and Results in a Cooler Nights Sleep and  Enhanced Durability with Firm Support

2. 1” Gel Infused Memory Foam Provides Breathability, Minimizes Motion Transfer and Reduces   Pressure Points. Gently Cradles The Body  But Adds    Enhanced Durability To The Mattress

3. 1” Patented Serene Gel Foam Provides the pressure relief and motion deadening of memory foam while   providing gentle push back not available in traditional    Gel memory foams

4. 1” Certi Pur Soft Gel Foam Provides  Gentle Pressure Relief and Luxurious Comfort

5. Zoned Pocketed Coil Provides Incredible Motion Reduction Coupled With Properly Aligned Support   Provides Pressure Relief and Luxurious Rest

6. Certi -Pur Base Foam Provides a Firm Stable Base To The Sleep System

7. Solid Foundation Provides a lifetime of support  and  Helps Eliminate Partner Disturbance

Includes Mattress and Foundation


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