Catskills Mattress Set

  • $1,499.95

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Temp-Right Fabric

Unique phase change molecules absorb body heat and provide temperature regulation throughout the night. Temp- rightis initially cool on the surface  and can absorb excess heat to help you get to sleep.

Hyper-SoftGel-Top Integration

Quilt foam provides the initial soft transition into the sleep surface. High density  gel-infused construction is durable and retains its shape and feel longer than  traditional foams.

Integra-Loft  Memory Foam

Soft yet responsive memory foam provides breathability, minimizes motion transfer,  and reduces pressure points.

Dyna-Temp™ Foam

Proprietary comfort layer provides a temp-neutral, slow-response, mid-level support.

Cool-Flow Foam

This special upholstery foam is ultra-soft, breathable, and exceptionally durable.

Core-WrapZoned Innerspring

Advanced innerspring zoning creates pressure relief and support where you  need it most, keeping the sleep surface level and delivering years of reliability.

Includes Mattress and Foundation


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